Join MY FUN! Origami Owl Team

23 Oct

Join MY FUN! Origami Owl Team

I like color. pizzazz. Spunk. and I like nice things. Put that all together and you get my Fun Jewelry Bar table display. My tablecloth ABSOLUTELY has rainbows on it =) Everyone smiles when you see a rainbow right? Perfect! Everyone Loves Origami Owl when they see it too. So my table is doubly fun!

I’m interested in building a fun, motivated, spunky team! Email me at jennrawks94 at Yahoo dot com for more information or fill out the more information contact form in a post below!

I’ll answer your questions, help you through, and make sure you are O2 ready!

Ready to sign up today? OKAY! I like your attitude… my number is 30921, oh did I mention… THE WAITLIST IS GONE! You can join Origami Owl today!

P.S. This table was created using the product from the Business Basics Package at $149.


Family Vaca | Vero Beach, Florida

4 Aug

Family Vaca | Vero Beach, Florida

My little ladies, relaxing!

Social Media | Shout Out Graphic| Women Empowering Women

31 Jul


Help your sista’s out!

This graphic is designed to post on Facebook and allow all of your other “business friends” who have at home businesses and run Facebook pages the chance to POST a link to their service/product.


Please do remove the Jennrawks!

If you use it, comment below and show some love!

Free|Facebook Party Graphics

30 Jul

I created a few graphics/photos to use on my business Origami Owl Facebook Page today to try to get more interest in Online Jewelry Bars.  Most of my friends and family live about 1000 miles north of me, so online business is big for me.

Feel free to use these graphics for your business, whatever you’re selling! Please don’t remove the jennrawks, I made them after all. & HEY!!  give a shout below, I’d love to hear if you like them and what company you’re using them for!I’d love to hear who is using them! Please leave me a comment and show some love!

Hot Pink Facebook Party

Hot Pink























OH and if you DON’T sell Origami Owl (you should) I made this one for you!

Pink Product Facebook










Click the image first to blow it up, and right click save! If you are having trouble or the quality isn’t great, email me and I’ll send it to you!

Thanks Fed-Ex! It came today,my Origami Owl Business Basics Kit

25 Jul

Aqua Box on the doorstep!! Sqwweeee!!!

Alrighty, here’s a little overview.

My Starter Kit came today, for my venture with Origami Owl!!!!!!!!  

I ordered mine on a Tuesday, and received it 2 days later…on Thursday. (depending on what time your FED EX guy comes too) ~ The price of shipping “worth it”.

I’m pretty sure my daughters were more excited than I was. No, that’s not true, I was Christmas in a Coach Store excited!!!

So, everyone (in my upline, and fellow team members) keeps saying “the new kit”….what they are really referring to is the fact that it comes in a pretty box LOL. Otherwise, the kit details are as listed above at my link.and here’s a little picture of the kit completely untouched….

Outside of the box

Outside of the box

Next up… was another cute little box 🙂 It really was just cute. The colors of this company are simply put…cute!

andddd you know I’m saving all the boxes. There has to be SOMETHING I can do with these boxes! What?! They are nice!

Open the Box...LOCKETS!

The locket boxes were the first “items”  to catch my eye. I personally received  a mini gold w.crystal, a medium silver, a large silver w.crystals and a large chocolate w.crystals. (they decide what you get, you can’t pick it) and I was surprised to see a Chocolate locket in my kit. I had heard they weren’t shipping those with kits but I’m so glad they did. The chocolate is BEAUTIFUL in person. So, so, so, pretty!

My kids couldn’t wait to get to the charms! Lots of Oooooo’s and ahhhhh’s.

Origami Owl Charms

Dangles. Tagged. Plates. all too fascinating to be ALL MINE hahaha. well, for my display at Jewelry Bars!

Close up of the product

The tags are really nice, and my plates were BLESSED and FAITH

Lots of great business materials, invitations, and I love the Jewelry Bar Planner Folders, so the hostess can feel special too!

kit pic transparent

I must say opening the kit was far more exciting than I thought it would be! I quickly moved it all into my Origami Owl Office and GOT TO WORK!

I started putting together my locket, since I didn’t have a personal one before my kit came (preference to save $$)

and I put my new Owl Branch Tree (that I made, click to see) to work! My necklaces and lockets look amazing on this display! I tried to use the necklace stand I bought at ROSS and it didn’t even compare!

Owl Tree

Fun Day! My Origami Owl office is officially “owlified!!   and I’m ready to book jewelry bars! At this time, when you actually get your “official” sign up email, you can only order this particular kit (July 2013).

Current, NEW, or thinking about O2 DIW’s if you are wanting more info on the current kit, and what you expect on sign-up day, email me or simply leave me a message and I’ll send you all I can tell you. The ONE thing I can say, is that if you are considering selling Origami Owl Living Lockets you really need to get ON THE WAITLIST right now! I can tell you all about my 3 month wait, what I did to prepare myself for “getting my wings” (the day you sign up and become an official designer), how I dealt with the Origami Owl Waitlist, what I bought over the course of the wait, how I set up my office and all about being READY to sign up in a matter of hours! If you need a mentor, I’m happy to have you on my team. When you “join”…my designer number is #30921 (your designer number will be VERY important to you).    I’m on Facebook, twitter, and a lot of other sites so reach out! No question isn’t worth asking!

Happy Waiting, Happy Selling, and thanks for reading!! Thanks for being a part of my Origami Owl Journey! If you are interested in more information on anything please fill out the form below!!!!


Origami Owl Table Display: Owl Tree to hang Lockets

24 Jul

Origami Owl Table Display: Owl Tree to hang Lockets

I bought the vase at Michaels with a 50% off coupon making it $5.00. Then I went into my back yard, grabbed some sticks from my backyard, spray painted them white (had some spray paint laying around)….and Done! I think I’ll hang lockets from it at jewelry bars or just use it as a decoration

Sunglass Problems

22 Jun

I really needed to handle my sunglass problem/addiction in my house. Florida life problems. I saw some cute stuff on Pinterest but I didn’t want to have to go out and buy anything to complete a project. So I grabbed some twine that I had lying around, 2 clear pushpins and pinned it to the dang wall to hang them from. A less than 2 minute project and all of my shades have a home (and are less likely to get scratched, destroyed or sat on). It’s not the fanciest, but I don’t have a fancy bathroom. I might add a few rhinestones to the push pins later in life but for now….. Handled!


Sprucing Up the Garage w: {Chalkboard Paint}

8 Oct

Our front door is so far away from the driveway. (its kinda ridiculous how far it is) so we almost always go in through the garage. A Push of a button and we are in! When we moved in it was evident that the wall (that I’m about to show you) had something on it like a cabinet or shelf and it was taken with whoever left. So the wall was scuffed up, had some holes, weird marks and looked pretty bad. I had a temporary picture there for awhile but it was still pretty ugly.

While I was watching football yesterday- my fantasy team was down (losing) and I decided to get up and be productive. I literally bought a can of chalkboard paint to do something cool and unique and fun for my oldest daughter when she was 2. (In 2007) She is now 7.

I taped off the square section I wanted to paint- I didn’t measure (I have zero patience)

And did 3 coats with a paint brush (drying between each coat) of the Chalkboard Paint (Elmer’s) – I could have done without the waiting part.

I peeled off the tape immediately after the 3rd coat because I read on Pinterest that was what was best (and we all know Pinterest is always right).

Let it dry for 24 hours. (I think I waited 18 hours. again no patience)

It was pretty simple. The hardest part was waiting to see how it turned out.

Once it’s dry, write-away. I figure ill use it for reminders, and to welcome guests when they come over since they’ll be coming in that door. I’m sure my little ladies will enjoy it too.

*This paint worked great and is awesome. I will absolutely be chalk boarding many things to come! Worth the money!

I want to add some sort of border or paint around it but I haven’t decided what to do yet. So I will wait. But I did grab some ribbon and made a few bows for the top of the board. I love it!!



Pinning is winning – Fall Favorites

7 Oct

I’m literally in Pinterest denial. I pin and pin and pin and pin some more and then… I have so many ideas I forget what I want to do first! I go on that Time suck website everyday and fall in love with 15 different projects that I want NEED to do.  Fall and Thanksgiving will be over before I even get my stuff together.

I’m currently redoing my bathroom. just in color and style. no big changes. the room already looks 100% better and I’m no where near finished in there. Color scheme: gray, lime green, black, and yellow. will update soon.

I also really want to spruce up my entry way into my house. We have a decent sized front porch area.

I really MUST start going to more yard sales. (they aren’t garage sales in Florida. people generally just throw stuff in their yards and call it a sale. and the same people  do it weekly. bizarre to never have other plans right?




  • The “classy black” pumpkin is absolutely do-able for this year. Depending on if we host anything here, I might make a few fancy pumpkins.
  • This bling pumpkin is basically FANTASTIC!
  • The table setting is from a wedding but I think it would make nice Thanksgiving Day table decor


{Also for future readers- I’m in the process of becoming a Girl Scout Troop Leader (Daisy/Brownie level) so follow me for more info on Girl Scout Projects if that’s what you’re looking for}

Guest Blogger: Crystal’s R.B.F.F.J.S (Root Beer Float Football Jello Shots)

5 Sep

Ah, another season of NFL Football is upon us. On this day us fantasy footballers rejoice, dance, trah-la-la and research like crazy to make sure we have started the best team possible from our picks to win! Allow me to introduce my super crafty, doesn’t give herself enough craft cred, best friend Crystal. She recently announced to our friend circle she was becoming the “Jello Shot Queen”!! I’m definitely cool with that!   – Jenn


(Root Beer Float Football Jell-O Shots)

 Tomorrow is our LIVE DRAFT (woohoo!) for Fantasy Football – and what better party favor to bring than Jell-O shots? That are brown? And decorated like footballs? Umm… yes please! I know, I know, you wish you could devour one right now. Well, you can. Cuz I’ma gonna showz you HOW!

Here’s what you need:

  • Ÿ  1 Cup of Whipped Cream Vodka
  • Ÿ  1 Cup of Root Beer (It’s a little less than one full can)
  • Ÿ  Shot Cups (I used paper ones because they make it SO easy when it’s time to eat, uh, I mean drink?)
  • Ÿ  Some kind of icing for the top – I’m using Cream Cheese Cookie Icing (the gel kind might actually be better though)
  • Ÿ  A measuring cup (that will measure 1 cup)
  • Ÿ  A sauce pan
  • Ÿ  And a box of Knox Gelatine unflavored. The box has 4 separate packs of the gelatin inside, you will only need 1.5 packs. I was new to this and confused at the grocery store so to avoid that for you, here’s a close-up of what you’re looking for…

 Ready to ger er dun?

1. Pour 1 Cup of Root Beer in your sauce pan. (This makes the jell-O a little bit firm. If you are down for a little more jiggle, then add about ¼ Cup of extra Beer. Root Beer, that is).

2. Pour 1.5 packs of Gelatine into the Root Beer (do not stir) and let it sit for 2 minutes – you’ll see the Gelatine starting to activate like so:

(yeaaaaaa – it looks GROSS)

3. After sitting for 2 minutes, give ‘er a little stir and then turn the stove on high. Bring it to a very light boil and then move the pan off the stove.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT walk away from the stove even for 2 seconds. Or else that ish will over-boil and your stove will look like THIS!


Aaaaaand your smoke alarms will probably go off throughout your whole house. Yes, I’m sure.

4. Let the mix cool for like 1-2 minutes and then stir in 1 Cup of Whipped Cream Vodka. (You can even take a shot of it while you’re at it – It’s hard to resist ) Stir good to make sure everything is mixed well.

5. Pour the mix into a cup, or something that is easy to pour out of. Now fill up them paper shots baby! You can fill as full or as little as you want. YOU’RE THE BOSS! I personally do not like humongous jell-O shots. It’s too much in my mouth all at once. (That’s what she said!)

I fill mine about ¾ full like so:

6. Now pop those puppies in the fridge and play the waiting game for about 2 hours…

-I’m singing the Jeopardy theme song right now waiting for you-

7. Once they are cooled and firm enough, time for the hard part! Let’s throw on some décor. **WARNING** If you can not draw a straight line, back out right now while you’re still ahead!  Use your icing, which is obviously awesome if you buy one with the little tip like mine -OR you can use regular icing in a zip-lock bag and just cut the tiny tip off and squeeze. Just the tip! Ha! I hope you know that song… or else I’m looking stupid here. Whatevs!

And VOILA! There you have if folks! Tasty little crafty treat that makes football so much more fun. Is that even possible? It is now…


I did learn… it might be easier to get the “gel” type of cake decorating stuff – it might hold up a little better and be thinner & easier to work with.



p.s. this was 100% my OWN idea. So if you steal it, you damn well better give me credit for it! Hehehe!! 😉

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