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Join MY FUN! Origami Owl Team

23 Oct

Join MY FUN! Origami Owl Team

I like color. pizzazz. Spunk. and I like nice things. Put that all together and you get my Fun Jewelry Bar table display. My tablecloth ABSOLUTELY has rainbows on it =) Everyone smiles when you see a rainbow right? Perfect! Everyone Loves Origami Owl when they see it too. So my table is doubly fun!

I’m interested in building a fun, motivated, spunky team! Email me at jennrawks94 at Yahoo dot com for more information or fill out the more information contact form in a post below!

I’ll answer your questions, help you through, and make sure you are O2 ready!

Ready to sign up today? OKAY! I like your attitude… my number is 30921, oh did I mention… THE WAITLIST IS GONE! You can join Origami Owl today!

P.S. This table was created using the product from the Business Basics Package at $149.


Family Vaca | Vero Beach, Florida

4 Aug

Family Vaca | Vero Beach, Florida

My little ladies, relaxing!

Social Media | Shout Out Graphic| Women Empowering Women

31 Jul


Help your sista’s out!

This graphic is designed to post on Facebook and allow all of your other “business friends” who have at home businesses and run Facebook pages the chance to POST a link to their service/product.


Please do remove the Jennrawks!

If you use it, comment below and show some love!

Sunglass Problems

22 Jun

I really needed to handle my sunglass problem/addiction in my house. Florida life problems. I saw some cute stuff on Pinterest but I didn’t want to have to go out and buy anything to complete a project. So I grabbed some twine that I had lying around, 2 clear pushpins and pinned it to the dang wall to hang them from. A less than 2 minute project and all of my shades have a home (and are less likely to get scratched, destroyed or sat on). It’s not the fanciest, but I don’t have a fancy bathroom. I might add a few rhinestones to the push pins later in life but for now….. Handled!


Pinning is winning – Fall Favorites

7 Oct

I’m literally in Pinterest denial. I pin and pin and pin and pin some more and then… I have so many ideas I forget what I want to do first! I go on that Time suck website everyday and fall in love with 15 different projects that I want NEED to do.  Fall and Thanksgiving will be over before I even get my stuff together.

I’m currently redoing my bathroom. just in color and style. no big changes. the room already looks 100% better and I’m no where near finished in there. Color scheme: gray, lime green, black, and yellow. will update soon.

I also really want to spruce up my entry way into my house. We have a decent sized front porch area.

I really MUST start going to more yard sales. (they aren’t garage sales in Florida. people generally just throw stuff in their yards and call it a sale. and the same people  do it weekly. bizarre to never have other plans right?




  • The “classy black” pumpkin is absolutely do-able for this year. Depending on if we host anything here, I might make a few fancy pumpkins.
  • This bling pumpkin is basically FANTASTIC!
  • The table setting is from a wedding but I think it would make nice Thanksgiving Day table decor


{Also for future readers- I’m in the process of becoming a Girl Scout Troop Leader (Daisy/Brownie level) so follow me for more info on Girl Scout Projects if that’s what you’re looking for}

Easter Eggimals

26 Mar

We made these last Easter (2009), and while unpacking I found them today. I wanted to share how cute they turned out!! they were very easy to make. all it required was a hot glue gun, pom poms, plastic eggs, pipe cleaners and a sharpie. My at the time 3 year old LOVED them. I thought they’d be more of a decoration….she had different plans and she played with them everyday. I pretty much made them but she named them and loved watching. For the exact directions go to….here’s the link

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