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Guest Blogger: Crystal’s R.B.F.F.J.S (Root Beer Float Football Jello Shots)

5 Sep

Ah, another season of NFL Football is upon us. On this day us fantasy footballers rejoice, dance, trah-la-la and research like crazy to make sure we have started the best team possible from our picks to win! Allow me to introduce my super crafty, doesn’t give herself enough craft cred, best friend Crystal. She recently announced to our friend circle she was becoming the “Jello Shot Queen”!! I’m definitely cool with that!   – Jenn


(Root Beer Float Football Jell-O Shots)

 Tomorrow is our LIVE DRAFT (woohoo!) for Fantasy Football – and what better party favor to bring than Jell-O shots? That are brown? And decorated like footballs? Umm… yes please! I know, I know, you wish you could devour one right now. Well, you can. Cuz I’ma gonna showz you HOW!

Here’s what you need:

  • Ÿ  1 Cup of Whipped Cream Vodka
  • Ÿ  1 Cup of Root Beer (It’s a little less than one full can)
  • Ÿ  Shot Cups (I used paper ones because they make it SO easy when it’s time to eat, uh, I mean drink?)
  • Ÿ  Some kind of icing for the top – I’m using Cream Cheese Cookie Icing (the gel kind might actually be better though)
  • Ÿ  A measuring cup (that will measure 1 cup)
  • Ÿ  A sauce pan
  • Ÿ  And a box of Knox Gelatine unflavored. The box has 4 separate packs of the gelatin inside, you will only need 1.5 packs. I was new to this and confused at the grocery store so to avoid that for you, here’s a close-up of what you’re looking for…

 Ready to ger er dun?

1. Pour 1 Cup of Root Beer in your sauce pan. (This makes the jell-O a little bit firm. If you are down for a little more jiggle, then add about ¼ Cup of extra Beer. Root Beer, that is).

2. Pour 1.5 packs of Gelatine into the Root Beer (do not stir) and let it sit for 2 minutes – you’ll see the Gelatine starting to activate like so:

(yeaaaaaa – it looks GROSS)

3. After sitting for 2 minutes, give ‘er a little stir and then turn the stove on high. Bring it to a very light boil and then move the pan off the stove.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT walk away from the stove even for 2 seconds. Or else that ish will over-boil and your stove will look like THIS!


Aaaaaand your smoke alarms will probably go off throughout your whole house. Yes, I’m sure.

4. Let the mix cool for like 1-2 minutes and then stir in 1 Cup of Whipped Cream Vodka. (You can even take a shot of it while you’re at it – It’s hard to resist ) Stir good to make sure everything is mixed well.

5. Pour the mix into a cup, or something that is easy to pour out of. Now fill up them paper shots baby! You can fill as full or as little as you want. YOU’RE THE BOSS! I personally do not like humongous jell-O shots. It’s too much in my mouth all at once. (That’s what she said!)

I fill mine about ¾ full like so:

6. Now pop those puppies in the fridge and play the waiting game for about 2 hours…

-I’m singing the Jeopardy theme song right now waiting for you-

7. Once they are cooled and firm enough, time for the hard part! Let’s throw on some décor. **WARNING** If you can not draw a straight line, back out right now while you’re still ahead!  Use your icing, which is obviously awesome if you buy one with the little tip like mine -OR you can use regular icing in a zip-lock bag and just cut the tiny tip off and squeeze. Just the tip! Ha! I hope you know that song… or else I’m looking stupid here. Whatevs!

And VOILA! There you have if folks! Tasty little crafty treat that makes football so much more fun. Is that even possible? It is now…


I did learn… it might be easier to get the “gel” type of cake decorating stuff – it might hold up a little better and be thinner & easier to work with.



p.s. this was 100% my OWN idea. So if you steal it, you damn well better give me credit for it! Hehehe!! 😉

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