Sprucing Up the Garage w: {Chalkboard Paint}

8 Oct

Our front door is so far away from the driveway. (its kinda ridiculous how far it is) so we almost always go in through the garage. A Push of a button and we are in! When we moved in it was evident that the wall (that I’m about to show you) had something on it like a cabinet or shelf and it was taken with whoever left. So the wall was scuffed up, had some holes, weird marks and looked pretty bad. I had a temporary picture there for awhile but it was still pretty ugly.

While I was watching football yesterday- my fantasy team was down (losing) and I decided to get up and be productive. I literally bought a can of chalkboard paint to do something cool and unique and fun for my oldest daughter when she was 2. (In 2007) She is now 7.

I taped off the square section I wanted to paint- I didn’t measure (I have zero patience)

And did 3 coats with a paint brush (drying between each coat) of the Chalkboard Paint (Elmer’s) – I could have done without the waiting part.

I peeled off the tape immediately after the 3rd coat because I read on Pinterest that was what was best (and we all know Pinterest is always right).

Let it dry for 24 hours. (I think I waited 18 hours. again no patience)

It was pretty simple. The hardest part was waiting to see how it turned out.

Once it’s dry, write-away. I figure ill use it for reminders, and to welcome guests when they come over since they’ll be coming in that door. I’m sure my little ladies will enjoy it too.

*This paint worked great and is awesome. I will absolutely be chalk boarding many things to come! Worth the money!

I want to add some sort of border or paint around it but I haven’t decided what to do yet. So I will wait. But I did grab some ribbon and made a few bows for the top of the board. I love it!!



Pinning is winning – Fall Favorites

7 Oct

I’m literally in Pinterest denial. I pin and pin and pin and pin some more and then… I have so many ideas I forget what I want to do first! I go on that Time suck website everyday and fall in love with 15 different projects that I want NEED to do.  Fall and Thanksgiving will be over before I even get my stuff together.

I’m currently redoing my bathroom. just in color and style. no big changes. the room already looks 100% better and I’m no where near finished in there. Color scheme: gray, lime green, black, and yellow. will update soon.

I also really want to spruce up my entry way into my house. We have a decent sized front porch area.

I really MUST start going to more yard sales. (they aren’t garage sales in Florida. people generally just throw stuff in their yards and call it a sale. and the same people  do it weekly. bizarre to never have other plans right?




  • The “classy black” pumpkin is absolutely do-able for this year. Depending on if we host anything here, I might make a few fancy pumpkins.
  • This bling pumpkin is basically FANTASTIC!
  • The table setting is from a wedding but I think it would make nice Thanksgiving Day table decor


{Also for future readers- I’m in the process of becoming a Girl Scout Troop Leader (Daisy/Brownie level) so follow me for more info on Girl Scout Projects if that’s what you’re looking for}

Guest Blogger: Crystal’s R.B.F.F.J.S (Root Beer Float Football Jello Shots)

5 Sep

Ah, another season of NFL Football is upon us. On this day us fantasy footballers rejoice, dance, trah-la-la and research like crazy to make sure we have started the best team possible from our picks to win! Allow me to introduce my super crafty, doesn’t give herself enough craft cred, best friend Crystal. She recently announced to our friend circle she was becoming the “Jello Shot Queen”!! I’m definitely cool with that!   – Jenn


(Root Beer Float Football Jell-O Shots)

 Tomorrow is our LIVE DRAFT (woohoo!) for Fantasy Football – and what better party favor to bring than Jell-O shots? That are brown? And decorated like footballs? Umm… yes please! I know, I know, you wish you could devour one right now. Well, you can. Cuz I’ma gonna showz you HOW!

Here’s what you need:

  • Ÿ  1 Cup of Whipped Cream Vodka
  • Ÿ  1 Cup of Root Beer (It’s a little less than one full can)
  • Ÿ  Shot Cups (I used paper ones because they make it SO easy when it’s time to eat, uh, I mean drink?)
  • Ÿ  Some kind of icing for the top – I’m using Cream Cheese Cookie Icing (the gel kind might actually be better though)
  • Ÿ  A measuring cup (that will measure 1 cup)
  • Ÿ  A sauce pan
  • Ÿ  And a box of Knox Gelatine unflavored. The box has 4 separate packs of the gelatin inside, you will only need 1.5 packs. I was new to this and confused at the grocery store so to avoid that for you, here’s a close-up of what you’re looking for…

 Ready to ger er dun?

1. Pour 1 Cup of Root Beer in your sauce pan. (This makes the jell-O a little bit firm. If you are down for a little more jiggle, then add about ¼ Cup of extra Beer. Root Beer, that is).

2. Pour 1.5 packs of Gelatine into the Root Beer (do not stir) and let it sit for 2 minutes – you’ll see the Gelatine starting to activate like so:

(yeaaaaaa – it looks GROSS)

3. After sitting for 2 minutes, give ‘er a little stir and then turn the stove on high. Bring it to a very light boil and then move the pan off the stove.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT walk away from the stove even for 2 seconds. Or else that ish will over-boil and your stove will look like THIS!


Aaaaaand your smoke alarms will probably go off throughout your whole house. Yes, I’m sure.

4. Let the mix cool for like 1-2 minutes and then stir in 1 Cup of Whipped Cream Vodka. (You can even take a shot of it while you’re at it – It’s hard to resist ) Stir good to make sure everything is mixed well.

5. Pour the mix into a cup, or something that is easy to pour out of. Now fill up them paper shots baby! You can fill as full or as little as you want. YOU’RE THE BOSS! I personally do not like humongous jell-O shots. It’s too much in my mouth all at once. (That’s what she said!)

I fill mine about ¾ full like so:

6. Now pop those puppies in the fridge and play the waiting game for about 2 hours…

-I’m singing the Jeopardy theme song right now waiting for you-

7. Once they are cooled and firm enough, time for the hard part! Let’s throw on some décor. **WARNING** If you can not draw a straight line, back out right now while you’re still ahead!  Use your icing, which is obviously awesome if you buy one with the little tip like mine -OR you can use regular icing in a zip-lock bag and just cut the tiny tip off and squeeze. Just the tip! Ha! I hope you know that song… or else I’m looking stupid here. Whatevs!

And VOILA! There you have if folks! Tasty little crafty treat that makes football so much more fun. Is that even possible? It is now…


I did learn… it might be easier to get the “gel” type of cake decorating stuff – it might hold up a little better and be thinner & easier to work with.



p.s. this was 100% my OWN idea. So if you steal it, you damn well better give me credit for it! Hehehe!! 😉

Cute Lunchbox Notes By: Mommy

28 Aug

Lunches. Packing every day. That’s our life. You know once you start writing those little messages from the heart… YOU CAN NOT STOP. My little lady M, looks forward to these notes every single day. She saves every.single.one that I put in her lunchbox. She “collects” them she says. My 7 year old is a future hoarder scrapbooker like her Mom. (yay, woo hoo, awesome, so happy)

I wanted to up the note seriousness level a little bit and surprise her tomorrow. Lunch box notes aren’t a new idea. Google it. It will send your little heads spinning into a cute portal and you’ll want to print, and pin, and steal them all. I almost went print happy and but I took the extra steps to make my own.

I couldn’t help but admire. Sit and stare. and think of her face tomorrow when she opens her little kitten lunchbox (by the way friends- I had to Google lunchbox to see if it was one word or two…it’s one, a “compound word”)  and she’ll see a cool note from Mommy. Yesssss, maybe I’m racking up the cool mom points!!!

I used PAGES on my iPad to create this layout. 2 columns, 5 rows. And I have a lot to learn apparently because I could NOT get it to print my words in an orderly, organized, fashion. So I printed it blank and wrote in my messages.

All donesies! She’s gonna be so happy. Love my girl!

(I wish I could upload the file for you all to print because it is cute but I have NO idea how to do that file sharing business yet. If you want it I will email it to you. Just leave me a comment below- Thanks)

Thanks for reading 🙂 Leave some Love!

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4th Rainbow Birthday Bash

25 Aug

Welcome to my Rainbow 4th Birthday Bash. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get crafty. so crafty in fact. I managed to pull off a pretty cool themed party for my newly 4 year old little lady. all awhile celebrating 2 other birthdays. Going on “vacation” to my birth state Ohio for 9 days with the kids. stay out late for my birthday and still wake up the next day to throw a cool array of colors bash! In all fairness- I did the banners and Cricut cut outs before I left for my trip because there was ZERO time when I got home to prep.

Our party was from 1:30-4 so I didn’t have to worry about serving a dinner.

This kiddie goodie table consisted of:

  • Heart Shaped Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches (none were left)
  • Rainbow Chips Ahoy cookies (1 was left)
  • Rainbow Goldfish (gone)
  • Rainbow Gummy Life savors (not a single one left)
  • Rainbow Mini Marshmallows (enough left for me to snack on)
  • and a delicious Rainbow pull apart cupcake cake – speaking of the awesome cake…

I made a sketch of the cake I was thinking of in my head (i don’t bake) and asked my “Bake-tastic Sis-in-Law” to make and master it for me and wow did she deliver! It looked much better than I imagined it would in my head. Thanks Gems!

As previously mentioned before I took off to Ohio I did my “Cricut work”.  Time consuming yes, easy yes. Messy VERY! But I had all of the supplies to make the banner, the star garland, my number “4” cut outs and the rainbows. My “Once Upon A Princess Cricut Cartridge” had a rainbow (thank goodness) on it so I didn’t have to buy one with it.

I cut out the clouds and the letters. Assembled with my scotch craft stick (which is super uber sticky and works great for sturdy hold). I used a hole punch and basic twine to string and tie the banner together. I’m sure there are a ton of ways to do it. It wasn’t hard- just time consuming.

Then I cut out a punch of 1.5 inch stars off the same cricut cartridge. Then I hand-sewed them together making a star garland. (basically because I don’t have a working sewing machine at the moment, and that will change)

It really didn’t take that long to sew. It was about 10 feet long.

Next up: I saw a tutorial (here) and I just HAD to make a balloon banner. BUY A COMPRESSOR or HAND PUMP!!! Thankfully I had the help of 2 very eager to help teenagers blowing up balloons but for even as “small” as our balloon banner was we were exhausted. I couldn’t imagine making a bigger one.

(but I will someday)

Blow them up. Sewed them together, then strung them all together with thick blue string/yarn/twine not sure what it was exactly. I added some extra colors to make it look even prettier.

I had a ton of BLUE TAB CURTAINS- that I well, hated. I have girls, we just don’t do blue… yet!

So I took them to Ohio with me so my masterful sewing Mommy could help me create a tablecloth in some way. somehow. do something with all 5 panels of BLUE that didn’t want in my life anymore. We went to Joann Fabrics and found pretty cute “rainbow heart” material and a pretty yellow (flannel material). Thank goodness I had that blue because we bought 2.5 yards of each and it was not cheap. The most expensive tablecloth I own. (you know I had some coupons right?! I did)



The finished product! It completely touched the floor on all sides. It was awesome. My mom whipped this beauty together in one night (maybe a couple random hours prepping and cutting) but she did AWESOME!! It really tied the room together. Sorry the picture is so grainy- iPhone 3GS pic scroll up to the first pic to see the print better of the rainbows.

What’s left? 

The Goody Bags- nothing impressed me in the store. I had some brown paper lunch saks that we never use so I cut the top using my FISKARS scissors and hand drew rainbows on 16 bags.

The actual food served: which I have ZERO pics of the table (it was no big deal)

  • Pizza- $5 Hot-N-Ready’s from Little Caesars
  • Rainbow Fruit Skewers-
  • Rainbow Veggie Tray with Blue Ranch Dip (since no veggies are blue) and it was a conversation piece…
  • Chips and Salsa

and I think that’s all?! There was alot going on that day. Can’t totally remember. I was more worried about 16 happy kids. 

Oh yeah and we had a seriously cool BOUNCE FUN HOUSE for our sweet Girl! Her Daddy loves her 🙂

Our Birthday Girl

**Filling the goodie bags cost the most money**

I was also going to do some crafts and games but as soon as my hubs told me the bounce house was locked down for sure, I nixed the idea. The bounce house combo fun house was a huge hit…for adults too 😉 I was going to make Cloud Dough, and have a candy buffet, and have the kids make fruit loop necklaces (all great ideas)

Thanks for Looking 🙂

*Special thanks to my Mom Gale for making our girls awesome rainbow tablecloth, my Sister in Law Gemma for an awesome above expectation cake, and my Mom-In-Law April for taking great pictures!

DIY: Turn Driftwood into a curtain rod

18 Jun

A few weeks ago the family and I went to Marco Island in South Florida for a short family trip. It was so much fun and the beach (Tigertail Beach) was so beautiful. We actually experienced way more than we bargained for… from wading a lagoon to get to the “real beach” with all of our stuff carried above our heads so it didn’t get soaked, to seeing thousands of tiny crabs scurry away as we walked closer and a sandbar 200ft from the beach so we could actually swim out and then lay out in the middle of the ocean! It was so much fun (and I highly recommend the area for families). We even saw families of baby owls(they are protected), it was really cool.

Super bonus— on our way out to head home, I spotted a piece of driftwood laying in the brush on our way back through the lagoon and to the car. It looked like a Moses stick to me! It was such an awesome piece and I knew it would remind me of the fun memories we made as a family, so home it came.

I knew instantly I wanted to hang it above my front door. We have a ton of tiny little windows that makes it a little less than private at night and it freaks me out when I check on the kids in the middle of the night. That’s when I came up with making that piece of driftwood into a curtain rod. It sat around for a while and sure, the kids attempted to play with it on several occasions and it looked awkward leaning against the way. So tonight I finally went to Lowe’s to get it on the dang wall.


Im fairly certain the pics do not do it justice- that piece of driftwood is so freakin cool.

I had Mr. Help me get the curtain rod brackets measured and up above the door. Took about 15 minutes. I marked the driftwood after the brackets were up as to how far over I needed to tack the curtain on. I literally just scrunched the curtain in sets of three and tacked it with a hammer. It took me less than 10 minutes to get them hung.



I’m actually super impressed with how easy this entire project was. (My 3yo was taking pics of me doing this)




*I added a tack off the side of the door frame on each side to put up two (old) brown curtain tie backs from another set of curtains I have*

Supplies Cost: Driftwood – FREE. Sorry I know it was a great find!!!
Wooden Brackets from Lowe’s- $8.97 (bonus! set of 2)
Tacks- $1.30

Total project cost- $10.27

*photos taken with iPhone- camera Still has dead batteries!!

Quick: T-shirt makeover

10 May

I look dumb in tshirts.

I usually only wear them to bed.

But since I’ve been working out with Mr… I’ve been wondering what to wear? looking around the gym isn’t inspiring. the things women wear certainly doesn’t look like they are going there to sweat. (but to pick up dudes, thank God I’m married)

Rather than buying new things, that I’ll only wear to SWEAT in, why not makeover some old things 🙂

I’ve been really into the off the shoulder shirts now that we are where the sun shines all year.

Cut about 2 inches off the sleeves. cut out the neck line completely.

do you see how I also made myself look way more tan!

Time: 3 minutes

Cost: $0.00

Tips & Tricks: If I had it to redo, I probably would leave a little bit more near the stitch line of the shoulder. Just so that one shoulder side stayed up once it stretches up a little bit. Either way, I love this look and probably will wear this all the time now instead of just to bed!

I must say I should have cut it sooner! It’s an age old trick. I’m sure somewhere, someone is cutting a t-shirt RIGHT NOW!

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