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Social Media | Shout Out Graphic| Women Empowering Women

31 Jul


Help your sista’s out!

This graphic is designed to post on Facebook and allow all of your other “business friends” who have at home businesses and run Facebook pages the chance to POST a link to their service/product.


Please do remove the Jennrawks!

If you use it, comment below and show some love!

Free|Facebook Party Graphics

30 Jul

I created a few graphics/photos to use on my business Origami Owl Facebook Page today to try to get more interest in Online Jewelry Bars.  Most of my friends and family live about 1000 miles north of me, so online business is big for me.

Feel free to use these graphics for your business, whatever you’re selling! Please don’t remove the jennrawks, I made them after all. & HEY!!  give a shout below, I’d love to hear if you like them and what company you’re using them for!I’d love to hear who is using them! Please leave me a comment and show some love!

Hot Pink Facebook Party

Hot Pink























OH and if you DON’T sell Origami Owl (you should) I made this one for you!

Pink Product Facebook










Click the image first to blow it up, and right click save! If you are having trouble or the quality isn’t great, email me and I’ll send it to you!

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