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Origami Owl Table Display: Owl Tree to hang Lockets

24 Jul

Origami Owl Table Display: Owl Tree to hang Lockets

I bought the vase at Michaels with a 50% off coupon making it $5.00. Then I went into my back yard, grabbed some sticks from my backyard, spray painted them white (had some spray paint laying around)….and Done! I think I’ll hang lockets from it at jewelry bars or just use it as a decoration

Sprucing Up the Garage w: {Chalkboard Paint}

8 Oct

Our front door is so far away from the driveway. (its kinda ridiculous how far it is) so we almost always go in through the garage. A Push of a button and we are in! When we moved in it was evident that the wall (that I’m about to show you) had something on it like a cabinet or shelf and it was taken with whoever left. So the wall was scuffed up, had some holes, weird marks and looked pretty bad. I had a temporary picture there for awhile but it was still pretty ugly.

While I was watching football yesterday- my fantasy team was down (losing) and I decided to get up and be productive. I literally bought a can of chalkboard paint to do something cool and unique and fun for my oldest daughter when she was 2. (In 2007) She is now 7.

I taped off the square section I wanted to paint- I didn’t measure (I have zero patience)

And did 3 coats with a paint brush (drying between each coat) of the Chalkboard Paint (Elmer’s) – I could have done without the waiting part.

I peeled off the tape immediately after the 3rd coat because I read on Pinterest that was what was best (and we all know Pinterest is always right).

Let it dry for 24 hours. (I think I waited 18 hours. again no patience)

It was pretty simple. The hardest part was waiting to see how it turned out.

Once it’s dry, write-away. I figure ill use it for reminders, and to welcome guests when they come over since they’ll be coming in that door. I’m sure my little ladies will enjoy it too.

*This paint worked great and is awesome. I will absolutely be chalk boarding many things to come! Worth the money!

I want to add some sort of border or paint around it but I haven’t decided what to do yet. So I will wait. But I did grab some ribbon and made a few bows for the top of the board. I love it!!



Pinning is winning – Fall Favorites

7 Oct

I’m literally in Pinterest denial. I pin and pin and pin and pin some more and then… I have so many ideas I forget what I want to do first! I go on that Time suck website everyday and fall in love with 15 different projects that I want NEED to do.  Fall and Thanksgiving will be over before I even get my stuff together.

I’m currently redoing my bathroom. just in color and style. no big changes. the room already looks 100% better and I’m no where near finished in there. Color scheme: gray, lime green, black, and yellow. will update soon.

I also really want to spruce up my entry way into my house. We have a decent sized front porch area.

I really MUST start going to more yard sales. (they aren’t garage sales in Florida. people generally just throw stuff in their yards and call it a sale. and the same people  do it weekly. bizarre to never have other plans right?




  • The “classy black” pumpkin is absolutely do-able for this year. Depending on if we host anything here, I might make a few fancy pumpkins.
  • This bling pumpkin is basically FANTASTIC!
  • The table setting is from a wedding but I think it would make nice Thanksgiving Day table decor


{Also for future readers- I’m in the process of becoming a Girl Scout Troop Leader (Daisy/Brownie level) so follow me for more info on Girl Scout Projects if that’s what you’re looking for}

Cute Lunchbox Notes By: Mommy

28 Aug

Lunches. Packing every day. That’s our life. You know once you start writing those little messages from the heart… YOU CAN NOT STOP. My little lady M, looks forward to these notes every single day. She saves every.single.one that I put in her lunchbox. She “collects” them she says. My 7 year old is a future hoarder scrapbooker like her Mom. (yay, woo hoo, awesome, so happy)

I wanted to up the note seriousness level a little bit and surprise her tomorrow. Lunch box notes aren’t a new idea. Google it. It will send your little heads spinning into a cute portal and you’ll want to print, and pin, and steal them all. I almost went print happy and but I took the extra steps to make my own.

I couldn’t help but admire. Sit and stare. and think of her face tomorrow when she opens her little kitten lunchbox (by the way friends- I had to Google lunchbox to see if it was one word or two…it’s one, a “compound word”)  and she’ll see a cool note from Mommy. Yesssss, maybe I’m racking up the cool mom points!!!

I used PAGES on my iPad to create this layout. 2 columns, 5 rows. And I have a lot to learn apparently because I could NOT get it to print my words in an orderly, organized, fashion. So I printed it blank and wrote in my messages.

All donesies! She’s gonna be so happy. Love my girl!

(I wish I could upload the file for you all to print because it is cute but I have NO idea how to do that file sharing business yet. If you want it I will email it to you. Just leave me a comment below- Thanks)

Thanks for reading 🙂 Leave some Love!

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Quick: T-shirt makeover

10 May

I look dumb in tshirts.

I usually only wear them to bed.

But since I’ve been working out with Mr… I’ve been wondering what to wear? looking around the gym isn’t inspiring. the things women wear certainly doesn’t look like they are going there to sweat. (but to pick up dudes, thank God I’m married)

Rather than buying new things, that I’ll only wear to SWEAT in, why not makeover some old things 🙂

I’ve been really into the off the shoulder shirts now that we are where the sun shines all year.

Cut about 2 inches off the sleeves. cut out the neck line completely.

do you see how I also made myself look way more tan!

Time: 3 minutes

Cost: $0.00

Tips & Tricks: If I had it to redo, I probably would leave a little bit more near the stitch line of the shoulder. Just so that one shoulder side stayed up once it stretches up a little bit. Either way, I love this look and probably will wear this all the time now instead of just to bed!

I must say I should have cut it sooner! It’s an age old trick. I’m sure somewhere, someone is cutting a t-shirt RIGHT NOW!

Printing Photos on Old Book Pages You Say?

9 May

That title doesn’t sound exciting at all does it? Let me blow your mind 🙂 Get excited.

I took my little ladies to the library this week. Boy are they boring(libraries never my kids) if you have a Kindle…& and iPad….anywho. While they were so pleasantly and quietly enjoying themselves I found myself in the “BOOK SALE SECTION” (because I can’t seem to go anywhere without buying something). Which led to the purchase of these:

Seriously old books. 1940 & 1944

I pre-warned the public that I was feeling craftual so I bought them both. For $1.00.

I came home. and their they sat, in the bag, for 3 days. So I quickly googled “What to do with seriously old books” and a MILLION and a half ideas came up. i have very little patience…. so I picked one of the easiest projects on planet earth to see where this would lead me. It lead me straight to craftual heaven.

Print Photos on old book pages: sounds easy enough. and EASY it is. I also knew I had some frames laying around with no pictures.

The hardest part: Picking pictures. The first one I did I grabbed a shot of us.with friends. on a cruise. ::sigh:: and Here’s what happened: not too bad right. pretty cool actually!!!! (even better in person)

The next one: Of Mr. and I. = LOVE IT!!! (this is already framed)

Break down, What I did: I Took the picture into PicMonkey.com {my new go 2 site for photo editing since picnik left the building}. Upload it, and start toying with the contrast, color, temperature and saturation it turned out pretty cool looking.

You want Black and white. Not TOO much black. I took this photo into paint and cropped out some of the darkness.

What now? Pull out pages of your old books, cut the words out, make it look interesting, crooked, sideways, different contrast in the book pages helps too, and I personally lightly *glued* the edges of the book pages to a sheet of clean white printer paper(the site I saw said tape). let the glue set just a little bit {no patience = 20 seconds for me} & cross your fingers it goes easily into the printer! Luckily this worked for me no problemo. Next, trim it up to the size of your frame. Practice DOES make perfect.

Tips and Tricks: I did have to mess with the page setup in my paint shop to get it to print on a certain area of the page. I think I adjusted the page margins and what not but I literally COVERED half of a sheet of printer paper with book page word cut outs (I did try to find some signficance in the meaning of the words…the one of Mr. and I had “an evening night out” in the text, and it just so happens this was an evening night out. Then I trimmed it down to frame size. I printed the photos from the PAINT program on my computer.

Total Cost: $1.00 for the books. how ever much a few sheets of paper cost, and some ink. (so technically $1.00 because I had the paper and the ink, and the frames)

certainly adds a bit of character to our fireplace

I’m hooked I tell you. so I hunted for more pictures….I could do this honestly all day. but where to put them all??

I actually am going to strategically TRY to take a picture of my little ladies and try and do a HUGE one for our hallway 🙂

Original Idea source: http://bywilma.com/2012/03/02/diy-how-to-print-on-bookpages/

From trash it, to Awesome!

9 Feb

The day we moved in we had a picture break – (of all our moves, we had the most damage from this move). Soooooooooooo I can’t just throw that away. I made it better! Thanks to a lovelee crafter here in the blogosphere…I have to apologize I can’t find the post =( So when I find it I will properly credit you. Mind you when I told my husband what I was doing, he looked at me like – wow that’s going to look ugly. So here’s my Trash to Treasure skills.


Open er’ up and take the broken stuff out. (be careful =)

Now. It just so happens this frame matched ALL of my “sofa table” pretties.

So the frame stayed the same.

Next. Go get some Sticks. Probably the hardest part. Not to round, not to long, not to breakable.

Yikes. It took me awhile.

But I found them, and then I spray painted them black – (my color of choice)

Let dry overnight. Measure sticks and cut them to fit on the edges of inside of the frame

So here’s the tricky part. The original poster – used some fancy tools and

a staple gun or something (that is fancy for me)

So I searched in all my boxes that were NOT unpacked and found my

Trusty Glue Gun. (yep the $2 one from Walmart)

and Glued the sticks to the frame. Like  I said glue the sticks to the inside so you can’t see

the glue from the outside.

Hang on wall. Put on shelf. Either way, it’s unique and my husband……LOVED IT!


*Please note that these are MY pictures, my projects and I assure you they are on MY walls. Peacelovemommy.com was my old web addy, and blog, that is no longer in existance!

Character Dart Board Bullseye

1 Jan

So now that I can talk about it…. My little brother turned 17 in 2010. I know there are a ton of you out there that feel me when I say “we grew up with Toy Story”. I mean crap, I wanted to see it more than my kids! My brother was 3 when it the very first Toy Story came out…so naturally Toy Story 3…ump-teen years later strikes a little interest! Well I can’t really say how much he still loves it, but he did go see it. He made the comment that he’d like to beat up Hugs-o-lot Bear at my house once or twice so we brain stormed, Gina (his mom, my step-mom, but who likes to “say” step?) thought….huh what can we do?

 So I got it! Let’s take a regular old dartboard and find a picture of the bear and put him on the bullseye! Sounded like an awesome idea. So she bought a poster and the center of the bear just so happened to be larger than life. and a dart board. (has to be the kind with steel tip darts)

and I went to work. 


Let’s Begin!

Here’s the poster- pre-cut (stolen from the web because like a DUH! I forgot to take a pic of it)


Here’s the dartboard (bought at Kmart for around $25)

We could of hunted around…but with Christmas traffic, and well lack of time

it was the 1st one we looked at and the one that came home!

Tournament Style one (used with Steel tip darts)

So then I started “”””scratching my head””””.

What did I get myself into?

How in the hells do I do this?

Glue, super glue, tape, cut?

I took a crayon and a blank sheet of paper and “rubbed”

the crayon over the lines of the center of the board.

At first,  I cut the whole bear out…then I cut out the head of the bear because it fit dead center of the board.

The body would have looked okay too (but that’s a crap ton of work)

So just the head it was.

Then I took the cardboard backing of a 12×12 book of card-stock (scrap-booking, my other love)

because its sturdy, but thin cardboard

and took my Elmer’s Craft Glue stick and glued the head to the cardboard

then I gently, but securely taped the “crayon rubbed paper” over the face of the bear

(centered of course)


Again, I was thinking…now what? 

Cut it up? what if I screw up? Well I went for it.

If I messed up, I would just have to go buy another poster, right?


I took my box cutter (because I hate exact-o knives)

and very carefully and steadily cut out every slat/section.

Word to the public: CUT DEEP

I did have to take a pair of scissors to a few sections to get it a part.

then I lined it up. Went around the center strategically fitting each slat (took the most time)

Then I took my $2 Walmart low temp glue gun and glued everything down!

It was about a 4 hour project – (cheaper than any Toy Story 3 toy on the shelves)



(peacelovemommy.com was my old blog)

I loved it – well, a whole lot!

 Oh yeah, can’t let the rest of the poster go to waste.

So another 1.5 hours later…I cut out all the characters

and put them on the package – front and back

Bad camera and yes, we did buy a red bow!

Princess Felt Mat – Homemade Project

8 Sep

*Please note all photos are mine and mine alone. I used to run a different blog*

Hi I’m Jenn and I’m addicted to craft blogs. A few months ago, I saw this awesome Tutorial from Kimbo

A girl and a glue gun

  for a Girls Felt Mat and knew instantly that my daughters and my nieces would Love them! I set out to Jo Ann’s for yards of felt…..not just squares. Ending up getting over 82 individual pieces of felt and 6 yards of 3 different colors! The first one took some time because my summer hotel was hoppin’ but I finished. The first one I made was for my niece for her 3rd birthday. My daughter saw it and had to have one of her own so in one day I did her’s and gave it to her for her birthday on Sept 3. I just love them and had a great time making them!

The finished product. Fire Station, Pet shop, Church, Garden and more
Her Castle

My Sister-in-Law have a few things in common, outside of kids, family and scrapbooking.

Our families both live out of the state we live in.

Since they frequent Florida as much as possible and miss all of us, I thought it would be cute to

put Florida on their playmat! The dots represent family. and of course the Mickey Mouse Ears…are Disney World.

These are pockets for cars, and figurines she decides to use

Ah, the open road

Perfect Sized for Littlest Pet Shops and Princess Figurines as well

and it rolls up really small so it’s out of the way!

One of the best parts was that It was easy to customize it per kid.

Here’s the one I made for my daughter

Who requested EVERYTHING her cousin got.

She uses her Polly Pockets, Pet Shops and Princesses on it.

I switched it up a little bit. I put a Movie Theater and a Police Station on her’s

Her Diva Castle

Marble Racers Car, review coming soon =)

and Since when we travel, we go to Ohio and Miss everyone there

all the time, Ohio had to be put on the map with a nice

spot for Youngstown!

I’m so glad I did this project. It kept me busy and my daughters just adore it.

It’s also fun for me to be imaginitive with them!

For the tutorial

click the link below!

Felt Mat Tutorial

Have a little boy? There is one for the boys on her blog too!

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