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4th Rainbow Birthday Bash

25 Aug

Welcome to my Rainbow 4th Birthday Bash. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get crafty. so crafty in fact. I managed to pull off a pretty cool themed party for my newly 4 year old little lady. all awhile celebrating 2 other birthdays. Going on “vacation” to my birth state Ohio for 9 days with the kids. stay out late for my birthday and still wake up the next day to throw a cool array of colors bash! In all fairness- I did the banners and Cricut cut outs before I left for my trip because there was ZERO time when I got home to prep.

Our party was from 1:30-4 so I didn’t have to worry about serving a dinner.

This kiddie goodie table consisted of:

  • Heart Shaped Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches (none were left)
  • Rainbow Chips Ahoy cookies (1 was left)
  • Rainbow Goldfish (gone)
  • Rainbow Gummy Life savors (not a single one left)
  • Rainbow Mini Marshmallows (enough left for me to snack on)
  • and a delicious Rainbow pull apart cupcake cake – speaking of the awesome cake…

I made a sketch of the cake I was thinking of in my head (i don’t bake) and asked my “Bake-tastic Sis-in-Law” to make and master it for me and wow did she deliver! It looked much better than I imagined it would in my head. Thanks Gems!

As previously mentioned before I took off to Ohio I did my “Cricut work”.  Time consuming yes, easy yes. Messy VERY! But I had all of the supplies to make the banner, the star garland, my number “4” cut outs and the rainbows. My “Once Upon A Princess Cricut Cartridge” had a rainbow (thank goodness) on it so I didn’t have to buy one with it.

I cut out the clouds and the letters. Assembled with my scotch craft stick (which is super uber sticky and works great for sturdy hold). I used a hole punch and basic twine to string and tie the banner together. I’m sure there are a ton of ways to do it. It wasn’t hard- just time consuming.

Then I cut out a punch of 1.5 inch stars off the same cricut cartridge. Then I hand-sewed them together making a star garland. (basically because I don’t have a working sewing machine at the moment, and that will change)

It really didn’t take that long to sew. It was about 10 feet long.

Next up: I saw a tutorial (here) and I just HAD to make a balloon banner. BUY A COMPRESSOR or HAND PUMP!!! Thankfully I had the help of 2 very eager to help teenagers blowing up balloons but for even as “small” as our balloon banner was we were exhausted. I couldn’t imagine making a bigger one.

(but I will someday)

Blow them up. Sewed them together, then strung them all together with thick blue string/yarn/twine not sure what it was exactly. I added some extra colors to make it look even prettier.

I had a ton of BLUE TAB CURTAINS- that I well, hated. I have girls, we just don’t do blue… yet!

So I took them to Ohio with me so my masterful sewing Mommy could help me create a tablecloth in some way. somehow. do something with all 5 panels of BLUE that didn’t want in my life anymore. We went to Joann Fabrics and found pretty cute “rainbow heart” material and a pretty yellow (flannel material). Thank goodness I had that blue because we bought 2.5 yards of each and it was not cheap. The most expensive tablecloth I own. (you know I had some coupons right?! I did)



The finished product! It completely touched the floor on all sides. It was awesome. My mom whipped this beauty together in one night (maybe a couple random hours prepping and cutting) but she did AWESOME!! It really tied the room together. Sorry the picture is so grainy- iPhone 3GS pic scroll up to the first pic to see the print better of the rainbows.

What’s left? 

The Goody Bags- nothing impressed me in the store. I had some brown paper lunch saks that we never use so I cut the top using my FISKARS scissors and hand drew rainbows on 16 bags.

The actual food served: which I have ZERO pics of the table (it was no big deal)

  • Pizza- $5 Hot-N-Ready’s from Little Caesars
  • Rainbow Fruit Skewers-
  • Rainbow Veggie Tray with Blue Ranch Dip (since no veggies are blue) and it was a conversation piece…
  • Chips and Salsa

and I think that’s all?! There was alot going on that day. Can’t totally remember. I was more worried about 16 happy kids. 

Oh yeah and we had a seriously cool BOUNCE FUN HOUSE for our sweet Girl! Her Daddy loves her 🙂

Our Birthday Girl

**Filling the goodie bags cost the most money**

I was also going to do some crafts and games but as soon as my hubs told me the bounce house was locked down for sure, I nixed the idea. The bounce house combo fun house was a huge hit…for adults too 😉 I was going to make Cloud Dough, and have a candy buffet, and have the kids make fruit loop necklaces (all great ideas)

Thanks for Looking 🙂

*Special thanks to my Mom Gale for making our girls awesome rainbow tablecloth, my Sister in Law Gemma for an awesome above expectation cake, and my Mom-In-Law April for taking great pictures!

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