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Printing Photos on Old Book Pages You Say?

9 May

That title doesn’t sound exciting at all does it? Let me blow your mind 🙂 Get excited.

I took my little ladies to the library this week. Boy are they boring(libraries never my kids) if you have a Kindle…& and iPad….anywho. While they were so pleasantly and quietly enjoying themselves I found myself in the “BOOK SALE SECTION” (because I can’t seem to go anywhere without buying something). Which led to the purchase of these:

Seriously old books. 1940 & 1944

I pre-warned the public that I was feeling craftual so I bought them both. For $1.00.

I came home. and their they sat, in the bag, for 3 days. So I quickly googled “What to do with seriously old books” and a MILLION and a half ideas came up. i have very little patience…. so I picked one of the easiest projects on planet earth to see where this would lead me. It lead me straight to craftual heaven.

Print Photos on old book pages: sounds easy enough. and EASY it is. I also knew I had some frames laying around with no pictures.

The hardest part: Picking pictures. The first one I did I grabbed a shot of us.with friends. on a cruise. ::sigh:: and Here’s what happened: not too bad right. pretty cool actually!!!! (even better in person)

The next one: Of Mr. and I. = LOVE IT!!! (this is already framed)

Break down, What I did: I Took the picture into PicMonkey.com {my new go 2 site for photo editing since picnik left the building}. Upload it, and start toying with the contrast, color, temperature and saturation it turned out pretty cool looking.

You want Black and white. Not TOO much black. I took this photo into paint and cropped out some of the darkness.

What now? Pull out pages of your old books, cut the words out, make it look interesting, crooked, sideways, different contrast in the book pages helps too, and I personally lightly *glued* the edges of the book pages to a sheet of clean white printer paper(the site I saw said tape). let the glue set just a little bit {no patience = 20 seconds for me} & cross your fingers it goes easily into the printer! Luckily this worked for me no problemo. Next, trim it up to the size of your frame. Practice DOES make perfect.

Tips and Tricks: I did have to mess with the page setup in my paint shop to get it to print on a certain area of the page. I think I adjusted the page margins and what not but I literally COVERED half of a sheet of printer paper with book page word cut outs (I did try to find some signficance in the meaning of the words…the one of Mr. and I had “an evening night out” in the text, and it just so happens this was an evening night out. Then I trimmed it down to frame size. I printed the photos from the PAINT program on my computer.

Total Cost: $1.00 for the books. how ever much a few sheets of paper cost, and some ink. (so technically $1.00 because I had the paper and the ink, and the frames)

certainly adds a bit of character to our fireplace

I’m hooked I tell you. so I hunted for more pictures….I could do this honestly all day. but where to put them all??

I actually am going to strategically TRY to take a picture of my little ladies and try and do a HUGE one for our hallway 🙂

Original Idea source: http://bywilma.com/2012/03/02/diy-how-to-print-on-bookpages/

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