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Character Dart Board Bullseye

1 Jan

So now that I can talk about it…. My little brother turned 17 in 2010. I know there are a ton of you out there that feel me when I say “we grew up with Toy Story”. I mean crap, I wanted to see it more than my kids! My brother was 3 when it the very first Toy Story came out…so naturally Toy Story 3…ump-teen years later strikes a little interest! Well I can’t really say how much he still loves it, but he did go see it. He made the comment that he’d like to beat up Hugs-o-lot Bear at my house once or twice so we brain stormed, Gina (his mom, my step-mom, but who likes to “say” step?) thought….huh what can we do?

 So I got it! Let’s take a regular old dartboard and find a picture of the bear and put him on the bullseye! Sounded like an awesome idea. So she bought a poster and the center of the bear just so happened to be larger than life. and a dart board. (has to be the kind with steel tip darts)

and I went to work. 


Let’s Begin!

Here’s the poster- pre-cut (stolen from the web because like a DUH! I forgot to take a pic of it)


Here’s the dartboard (bought at Kmart for around $25)

We could of hunted around…but with Christmas traffic, and well lack of time

it was the 1st one we looked at and the one that came home!

Tournament Style one (used with Steel tip darts)

So then I started “”””scratching my head””””.

What did I get myself into?

How in the hells do I do this?

Glue, super glue, tape, cut?

I took a crayon and a blank sheet of paper and “rubbed”

the crayon over the lines of the center of the board.

At first,  I cut the whole bear out…then I cut out the head of the bear because it fit dead center of the board.

The body would have looked okay too (but that’s a crap ton of work)

So just the head it was.

Then I took the cardboard backing of a 12×12 book of card-stock (scrap-booking, my other love)

because its sturdy, but thin cardboard

and took my Elmer’s Craft Glue stick and glued the head to the cardboard

then I gently, but securely taped the “crayon rubbed paper” over the face of the bear

(centered of course)


Again, I was thinking…now what? 

Cut it up? what if I screw up? Well I went for it.

If I messed up, I would just have to go buy another poster, right?


I took my box cutter (because I hate exact-o knives)

and very carefully and steadily cut out every slat/section.

Word to the public: CUT DEEP

I did have to take a pair of scissors to a few sections to get it a part.

then I lined it up. Went around the center strategically fitting each slat (took the most time)

Then I took my $2 Walmart low temp glue gun and glued everything down!

It was about a 4 hour project – (cheaper than any Toy Story 3 toy on the shelves)



(peacelovemommy.com was my old blog)

I loved it – well, a whole lot!

 Oh yeah, can’t let the rest of the poster go to waste.

So another 1.5 hours later…I cut out all the characters

and put them on the package – front and back

Bad camera and yes, we did buy a red bow!
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