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Did you know you don’t need to have a party to order a locket or jewelry from me? That’s right, just head to my website and put in your single order! But if you want to get that jewelry for free you can have an “Online Jewelry Bar” through Facebook, an  “In-Home/Location Jewelry Bar” I come to you! or a “Catalog Party” I give you catalogs, order forms and you collect your own orders and then we meet up to place them! I have information to get you started! Let me know below or visit my link website to Order!

There are lots of Jennifer Roberts in the world…so I went ahead and put  Jenn “jennrawks” Roberts on my replicated Origami Owl website so you know it’s me!

Jenn Roberts Origami OwlPlease also visit my Origami Owl facebook page for cute ideas, random Origami Owl info, team building information and how to become an O2 Independent Designer~ Help is always wanted! I’d love to show you the Origami Owl way!

If you need help or have any questions, please just fill out the form below and I’ll get to ya in a jiffy!  If you are interested in wanting more information about joining Origami Owl please also let me know in the form below and I have all kinds of goodies to send you!

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