DIY: Turn Driftwood into a curtain rod

18 Jun

A few weeks ago the family and I went to Marco Island in South Florida for a short family trip. It was so much fun and the beach (Tigertail Beach) was so beautiful. We actually experienced way more than we bargained for… from wading a lagoon to get to the “real beach” with all of our stuff carried above our heads so it didn’t get soaked, to seeing thousands of tiny crabs scurry away as we walked closer and a sandbar 200ft from the beach so we could actually swim out and then lay out in the middle of the ocean! It was so much fun (and I highly recommend the area for families). We even saw families of baby owls(they are protected), it was really cool.

Super bonus— on our way out to head home, I spotted a piece of driftwood laying in the brush on our way back through the lagoon and to the car. It looked like a Moses stick to me! It was such an awesome piece and I knew it would remind me of the fun memories we made as a family, so home it came.

I knew instantly I wanted to hang it above my front door. We have a ton of tiny little windows that makes it a little less than private at night and it freaks me out when I check on the kids in the middle of the night. That’s when I came up with making that piece of driftwood into a curtain rod. It sat around for a while and sure, the kids attempted to play with it on several occasions and it looked awkward leaning against the way. So tonight I finally went to Lowe’s to get it on the dang wall.


Im fairly certain the pics do not do it justice- that piece of driftwood is so freakin cool.

I had Mr. Help me get the curtain rod brackets measured and up above the door. Took about 15 minutes. I marked the driftwood after the brackets were up as to how far over I needed to tack the curtain on. I literally just scrunched the curtain in sets of three and tacked it with a hammer. It took me less than 10 minutes to get them hung.



I’m actually super impressed with how easy this entire project was. (My 3yo was taking pics of me doing this)




*I added a tack off the side of the door frame on each side to put up two (old) brown curtain tie backs from another set of curtains I have*

Supplies Cost: Driftwood – FREE. Sorry I know it was a great find!!!
Wooden Brackets from Lowe’s- $8.97 (bonus! set of 2)
Tacks- $1.30

Total project cost- $10.27

*photos taken with iPhone- camera Still has dead batteries!!

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