I love my last name, so I put it on the wall

14 Feb

The finished product

This project started out completely in my head. I basically knew I wanted something “like” this, so I got in the car and ended up at Pat Catan’s (Ohio craft store), Michaels and Jo Ann Fabrics. The letters and the shelf are the only things that came home with me.

I needed (at the time) to fill a large space, that was doing NOTHING for me. I actually would catch myself falling asleep looking at the wall before I made this craftual creation.


Odd, Boring, Lame-o, beach pics on the wall in Ohio…bizarre. It had to go!

Came home- painted everything black. 2 coates. I suck at patience and waiting for it to dry. So I dabbled in some scrapping in the meantime. I then,  hotglued just little sections of the letters together because I didn’t want space in between the letters. If you want to hang them seperately go for it. I wanted mine to be One word. I won’t lie, if my husband wasn’t here to help It NEVER would of went up (lies I would have done it come hell or high water)! We strategically nailed it up in the best spots to support the letters. (painted the nails with black paint so they meshed well)  – I had the black paint and glue gun to complete this project already. 

The shelf is going to be seasonal. It will change with the passing of the “holidays” or “seasons”. My girls love the idea too.

Tips and Tricks:  2 people recommended while hanging. Hot Glue pops off easy enough if you find its a little crooked when you start hanging. Pop it off, and re-glue.

Total time: 2 days with paint. 1 hour hanging and decorating.

Total cost: (I had the paint, and a lot of the decor) Less than $40. and I LOVE IT. Was able to use 1- 50% off coupon and one 40% competitor Hobby Lobby coupon 2 get two of my letters a touch cheaper. (The big R and T below were $4.99 a piece) – all in all the letters were between $25-$28 total. (cost will depend on how long your last name is). I got my shelf at Michaels. It’s 49” long! Insanely long. It was regularly $14.99. With 50% off coupon I got it for $8+tax! The shelf is actually as wide as my table (one inch off actually)



As a joke, in-between seasons I made a bikini top beach shelf. Not too many people were fans, but I was cracking up. & I left it there for some time!


Harvest/Halloween Shelf. Probs my fave to date.


Also another fave. Mr’s birthday, My, and both our daughters celebrate birthdays in a 4.5 week time period so I did a blow out birthday shelf! Cool right. I know!

*This was created in 2011, in Ohio. We have since moved and it’s been re-hung in its new beauteous spot on the wall. So here’s to hopefully never having to move that thing again. (I had to repaint and re-glue everything)


New wall placement. I managed to straighten out the E a bit more, BUT do you see what happened? I hung the shelf TOO close (and perfect) to the letters. So if I put anything tall up there, it will hide the ROBERTS. DAMN! When I am un-pissed about it, I’ll move it down and redecorate it.

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