From trash it, to Awesome!

9 Feb

The day we moved in we had a picture break – (of all our moves, we had the most damage from this move). Soooooooooooo I can’t just throw that away. I made it better! Thanks to a lovelee crafter here in the blogosphere…I have to apologize I can’t find the post =( So when I find it I will properly credit you. Mind you when I told my husband what I was doing, he looked at me like – wow that’s going to look ugly. So here’s my Trash to Treasure skills.


Open er’ up and take the broken stuff out. (be careful =)

Now. It just so happens this frame matched ALL of my “sofa table” pretties.

So the frame stayed the same.

Next. Go get some Sticks. Probably the hardest part. Not to round, not to long, not to breakable.

Yikes. It took me awhile.

But I found them, and then I spray painted them black – (my color of choice)

Let dry overnight. Measure sticks and cut them to fit on the edges of inside of the frame

So here’s the tricky part. The original poster – used some fancy tools and

a staple gun or something (that is fancy for me)

So I searched in all my boxes that were NOT unpacked and found my

Trusty Glue Gun. (yep the $2 one from Walmart)

and Glued the sticks to the frame. LikeĀ  I said glue the sticks to the inside so you can’t see

the glue from the outside.

Hang on wall. Put on shelf. Either way, it’s unique and my husband……LOVED IT!


*Please note that these are MY pictures, my projects and I assure you they are on MY walls. was my old web addy, and blog, that is no longer in existance!

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